Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Scott Update

We went to Lake Las Vegas with my mom and my sisters. It was so fun! Elise even got to come. Cooper loved playing with his long lost cousins Hannah and Sam. He also loved playing with Soph and Jon. Thanks to my mom we got to get out of Utah while winter decided to stay a little longer.

Cooper is a little dare devil like his mom. He loves rides of all kinds. He had to go with his aunt Grace on them though because I'm to big now and Ryan hates anything that goes up and down or around. It looks like amusement parks will be my turf.

I was not thinking clearly and I let Coop hold his own strawberry shake. Bad idea! I turned around to find the lid off and shake all over him. He was proud of himself.

Ignore the fact that it is a girl guitar. Then look how studly he looks.

This is us on Easter. Look how cute Coop and his dad look. I tried to have us all match. That meant new clothes for Ry and Coop and I just tried to dig something out of the closet. I was at that weird between normal and pregnancy clothes.

Me and Coop went to the courts with Dad. Cooper loved it so much. He was running after Ry and trying to throw the ball up and hit it. He was so cute and he made his daddy proud.

Amy and I took the kids to Wheeler Farm to see all the baby animals. We even forked out the big bucks to ride the hay ride. Coop and Jon loved the big tractor. He was really going good with all the animal noises.

Ry's mom loves Coop so much she even lets him go into the living room to play her piano. He just might be the next Beetoven.