Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Couple Trips to St. George!

So you all might have been wondering what we've been up to? We have taken a couple trips down to St. George. A couple weekends ago we went with the Lunds and over Easter we went there again with my family.
The boys DID NOT like their bath unlike they normally do.
I promise Cooper had fun, he was just a little grouchy in some of his pics.
Cooper keeping it real.
And of course, Cooper shouting, "cheeeeese!"
We spent an evening at Fiesta Fun Park.

Couch potato buddies.
How I'm feeling these days!
What's a trip to St. George without eating at the Pizza Factory?

Spring Spring Spring!

This was a few weeks ago when Spring finally decided to show up for a visit. We had a barbecue with the Lunds. The little boys had a great time while their Daddy's played with them on the swing in the backyard.

Cooper absolutely can't go anywhere or do anything without a ball in hand!