Friday, March 19, 2010

So my goal of posting every week has not worked out but not form a lack of trying. My computer or my account does not let me log in sometimes. No matter how many times I try it just wont let me log in. Does anyone else have that problem? To catch up with are family would be a good laugh for all I would be typing for way to long so I will just put up a few of my favorite things the kids have said lately.
My little guys quotes: "Why did Jesus make bad guys? I don't think that was very nice of him. I'm not happy with Jesus for doing that." He said this while we where reading his scriptures and they had pictures of people fighting with bows and arrows.
"Mom you are the prettiest and Dad is the coolest."
"What the heck are you whining about now" He said this to his little sister. He says what the heck so much.
"I already told you 4 times." He says this about everything he asks for. Wonder where he gets that.
"Mom if you get me a treat I will eat it." Like he's doing me a favor. He says so many funny things I could type all day.
Little Rosie is saying the funniest things. The thing that makes them so funny is the attitude she gives while she says them. "Hold me too.", "Shoes Please.", "NO!!!.", "Love you Mommy and Daddy.", "Rosie is me." she points to her self. She says a lot of stuff now but I can't write them all.
The little baby cakes cant talk so I will just tell you about her. She had her six month appointment last week. She has exceeded all the milestones and she weighs 17 pounds 13 oz. that is the 80Th percent. She is in the 90Th percentile for height and head. She sits up and can push herself all over the place. She laughs all the time and smiles so much. She is a happy baby. Lucky me!
I just feel so Blessed by my life right now. I have my 3 happy healthy kids and a very loving husband who works so hard and provides such an great life for me and the kids. I could not ever ask for more. I really do LOVE MY LIFE.