Sunday, November 23, 2008

C and R just hanging out together they really love each other. R just lights up when she sees C. They are so cute together. C had such a fun weekend with his cousins this weekend. They slept over while Amy was out of town. We also had so much fun watching the Utes kill the Cougars. We had some friends over and ate some good food. All in all it was an amazing weekend.


I have been trying to get some pictures of Ryan and R. Sorry for just using letters but I think it is safer. R and Ryan have had some good bonding moments. Ryan is just falling in love with her more and more every day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here are some cute moments that I got with the camera. I will post some pics of R in her ballerina costume latter. I have been trying really hard to enjoy everything my kids do . I already know they will grow up way to fast. Just like all really great things do.

So I think we found C favorite holiday. He loved dressing up for all of our parties. We had a lot of them. We had a couple of friend things and a few family things. Anyway C asked his Nanny to get him a Bat man costume and so of course she did. He has not taken his mask of for a week. He wants to sleep in it play in it and everything in between. The way I see it there are already to many battles you have to have with your kids so it does not hurt to let them win the ones that don't really matter.

These are some pictures pictures of R in her blessing dress. She was being so cute. I felt so lame trying to get her to smile though. I guess it was worth it though because I think she looks so adorable.

Friday, October 17, 2008

So like I said I'm still learning how this all works. So I figured out how to post pics. The problem is now I cant figure out how to write under them. So I will give you a little info.
C loves to hold R and they often times fall asleep together. It is rally cute to see. C is also really into tennis. Why am I not suprised like father like son. He loves all sports not just tennis but that was a cute picture of him in ready stance. R loves hanging out with his little buddy. C is like a R shadow when he is home. I love to see them together. He wants to be just like his daddy. His new thing is when you are trying to take his picture he comes right up to the lens. hence the funny close up. He also loves to make funny faces to get people to laugh and so does his uncle.
I took R to get her ears peirced while Elise my sister was in town. The pictures of her are a happy before and a very mad after. I love my sisters and it is so fun to do things like that with them. Sam thought he should not have come because it was a girl store. C loved putting headbands over his eyes.
I good life is so good and busy. I have just redecorated my house. i love the way it looks now but there was a couple of days of complete disorginsation. I am so glad I did it though. It feels a lot better. I will figure out how this blog thing works at some point.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Better Late Then Never

Sorry that we never update, but I am a little challenged when it comes to computers. I have been trying to uplooad pictures for abot 2 hours now and no luck. Any ways I guess I will just tell everyone a little about what has been going on. I love having 2 kids! My life is so full of funny things that C says and cute little smiles that R gives me now. I'm so shocked by all the things thay can do and the fact that I have a two year old and a two month old. I love being married to Ry too. we just celabrated are 4 year aniversery on Tuesday. It was so fun to get a couple of hours with just my wonderful husband. I am so happy to not be doing work on our house. A year ago that was all I was doing. It was all woth it because I love our house but it was a lot of work. C is still loving being a big brother and he is so cute to R. He loves to say "watch this Rosie", and "mommy Rosie is sad again....". He is really a hoot.
I could sit and write for hours about all the funny things he says. I won't but I will tell you one more funny story. So Ry and I went to temple interviews last week and of course we had the brite idea to bring the children. we figured we could take turns. Well Ry went in and C really wanted his Daddy. So he starts to cry and I asked him to be reverent in the church. C replied by saying "no mom. I hate church". I said that makes Jesus so sas when you say that. C says "I hate Jesus and I hate church." Mind you our bishop heard the whole thing. Lucky for us they still gave us our recomands.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rosemary Scott

Rosemary has arrived a bit early. Due to some pregnancy complications, the doctor and I decided it was best to take Rosemary on the 28th instead of the 7th. Everything went just fine with the c-section and Rosemary is so adorable. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. which is quite a bit different than a 9 lbs. 11 oz. Cooper. She was 20 inches long and has a head of dark hair. Cooper has adjusted really well and is quite protective of his "Rosie." Mom and Baby are home now as of Friday evening. More pictures to come but here are a couple taken at the hospital.
Here she is, just a couple of days old.
Cooper is a proud big brother and loves to pose for the camera.
Two cute kids!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Scott Update

We went to Lake Las Vegas with my mom and my sisters. It was so fun! Elise even got to come. Cooper loved playing with his long lost cousins Hannah and Sam. He also loved playing with Soph and Jon. Thanks to my mom we got to get out of Utah while winter decided to stay a little longer.

Cooper is a little dare devil like his mom. He loves rides of all kinds. He had to go with his aunt Grace on them though because I'm to big now and Ryan hates anything that goes up and down or around. It looks like amusement parks will be my turf.

I was not thinking clearly and I let Coop hold his own strawberry shake. Bad idea! I turned around to find the lid off and shake all over him. He was proud of himself.

Ignore the fact that it is a girl guitar. Then look how studly he looks.

This is us on Easter. Look how cute Coop and his dad look. I tried to have us all match. That meant new clothes for Ry and Coop and I just tried to dig something out of the closet. I was at that weird between normal and pregnancy clothes.

Me and Coop went to the courts with Dad. Cooper loved it so much. He was running after Ry and trying to throw the ball up and hit it. He was so cute and he made his daddy proud.

Amy and I took the kids to Wheeler Farm to see all the baby animals. We even forked out the big bucks to ride the hay ride. Coop and Jon loved the big tractor. He was really going good with all the animal noises.

Ry's mom loves Coop so much she even lets him go into the living room to play her piano. He just might be the next Beetoven.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Couple Trips to St. George!

So you all might have been wondering what we've been up to? We have taken a couple trips down to St. George. A couple weekends ago we went with the Lunds and over Easter we went there again with my family.
The boys DID NOT like their bath unlike they normally do.
I promise Cooper had fun, he was just a little grouchy in some of his pics.
Cooper keeping it real.
And of course, Cooper shouting, "cheeeeese!"
We spent an evening at Fiesta Fun Park.

Couch potato buddies.
How I'm feeling these days!
What's a trip to St. George without eating at the Pizza Factory?