Sunday, November 23, 2008

C and R just hanging out together they really love each other. R just lights up when she sees C. They are so cute together. C had such a fun weekend with his cousins this weekend. They slept over while Amy was out of town. We also had so much fun watching the Utes kill the Cougars. We had some friends over and ate some good food. All in all it was an amazing weekend.


I have been trying to get some pictures of Ryan and R. Sorry for just using letters but I think it is safer. R and Ryan have had some good bonding moments. Ryan is just falling in love with her more and more every day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here are some cute moments that I got with the camera. I will post some pics of R in her ballerina costume latter. I have been trying really hard to enjoy everything my kids do . I already know they will grow up way to fast. Just like all really great things do.

So I think we found C favorite holiday. He loved dressing up for all of our parties. We had a lot of them. We had a couple of friend things and a few family things. Anyway C asked his Nanny to get him a Bat man costume and so of course she did. He has not taken his mask of for a week. He wants to sleep in it play in it and everything in between. The way I see it there are already to many battles you have to have with your kids so it does not hurt to let them win the ones that don't really matter.

These are some pictures pictures of R in her blessing dress. She was being so cute. I felt so lame trying to get her to smile though. I guess it was worth it though because I think she looks so adorable.