Saturday, January 16, 2010

3 Little Monsters

I have been having fun with the little ones this past week. We have created some fun memories together. I got to take just my little guy with me to run errands the other day. It was so fun to get to pay attention to just him. He said the funniest things. he notices everything now. He never forgets anything. So like I was saying it was so fun to be with him. Sometimes when I get busy all the questions and comments get on my nerves but when  I only had him I felt bad that i get frustrated with him so much. I spent the rest of the week trying to really listen to what he was talking to me about. The world through a 3 year old eyes is so fun.
Then i got to take just my little Houdini with me and that was so fun. I held her the whole time and she just ate it up. She hugged me like every second and kissed me so many times. Sometimes I forget that she is still a baby. She is only 17 months and she has to walk everywhere. When it was just her I realized that. It made me feel bad that she really has had to grow up so fast. New goal let her be a baby too. I will just have to get stronger so I can carry both babies. My sister told me to be careful to remember to treat her like she is her age and not lump her with the oldest or the youngest. She is her own person needing her own things. She smiled the whole time she was with me. She loved having me all to her self. 
The baby had her 4 month check up this week and I got to just talk to the Dr. all about what she has been doing. I reflected on her that morning before I went in and it made me so happy. She is such a good baby and she is always happy. She has been sick and yet she still smiles and giggles all the time. She is perfectly proportioned. She is 75% for head, height, and weight. Hitting all her milestones right on target.
 I am so lucky. I tell myself that all the time. I have to remind myself because sometimes as I dealing with the everyday stuff I forget to be grateful. life is busy but great. By the end of the day my head hits the pillow and I am OUT. I have to say it feels good.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick Kids

I decided after I typed the rest of this post that I better put some cute pics of the kids to remind me how fun they usually are.
I wish that I had pictures for everyone to see. Then maybe you would get some idea of what i have been dealing with this week. It all started with a night without sleep. So Sunday night the baby was up all... night. Finally I i climbed into my bed and my little guy comes running into my room with vomit all over him and it just kept coming. He said " Sorry mommy I throughed up all over your family room and all over my comfy p.j's that nan made for me." He was not kidding. It was not just in the family room but also down the hall and in my room. I cleaned it up only to have it happen again. I wish that was the end but no. I took him to get a movie and a shake later that day. He hadn't through up in a few hours so I thought I was safe. As we pulled up to the house he barfed all over my car and himself. Lets just say it was very special. He took three baths that day and I was in die or need of one by the end of the day. Ryan came home that night and i handed him the kids and said I have to shower then soak in the tub if you want me not to lose it. I actually kept my cool. That is so not like me. I just felt so bad for him and it made me feel worse that he kept saying sorry mommy.
The next way going a little better. No one felt great but at least the problems where contained in diapers and potties. Until we put rose down for bed. She woke up and called for her mommy. I was tired and told Ry to go and get her. He kept saying she will go back to sleep. I started to stand to go get her and Ry stood up first. he went into her room and he said you better come in here. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. As I got closer to the room I knew just what had happened be cause a burst of the worst smelling air hit my nose. The smell of vomit hit me like a ton of bricks. It was all over her the crib the floor. I spent the next hour of my life cleaning up the smelly mess. I felt bad for her but my sympathy was wearing thin. I just hope that we are done with this for a little while. Sorry for the rant. I love my children but when you have 3 small children and only to hands there is only so much you can do. I am so grateful that my children are usually happy and healthy. I seriously felt so grateful to my heavenly father that he has blessed us with healthy children. I pray every day that they will stay that way.

Christmas Toys

These are pictures from Christmas morning. We had so much fun with the kids this year. Wow I remember when it was our little guys first one. Now he is having Nerf gun wars with his dad. They spent all of Christmas morning running around shooting everyone. Rose thought it was funny I however did not. All of the little girls toys make noise so that makes things very loud around the house. They love them though so its fine with me. The kids got spoiled rotten not so much by us. Ryans parents and my parents " both sets" really made are kids Christmas one to put in the books. They have not been board for weeks and I cant see it happening anytime soon. Thanks to Santa and all the people that contributed to the Scotts toy room. I only wish that my kids at least thought that I gave them one of the toys. I kept trying to tell them that some of the presents where from me. Ry tried to tell me that it didn't matter if they think they where from me but I wanted a little credit. I know that sounds bad but I don't care. I still can be a little childish sometimes.
I have been so proud of the kids. They have shared so nicely with each other. Its so funny to watch them try to share their toys with the baby. They shove them at her so she can play too. Its so fun to watch them sit and play together for hours. I cant lie. Its nice for more than one reason. It gives me some time to get other things done. Man I love it.