Friday, November 5, 2010

Falling Leaves


So I love the Fall. I always have. Love the colors love the crisp mornings and how it warms up throughout the day. This year has been so much fun with the kids. The past few years the big trees just seemed like a lot of work when all the leaves fell off. This year was a different story. They loved coming outside with me to "help" me rake. I have to be honest they didn't really help that much with the raking but they did keep me happy while I worked. They have played for hours in the piles and piles of leaves. Most our neighbors have been done cleaning up their leaves for a while now but our tree loses its leavs late so we have been raking for the past week. I rake then come back out a couple of hours latter only to find a new layer for me. my neighbors are so nice they are always trying to give me any help they can. They have offered gadgets and bags. I see people drive by all the time and just laugh at the site of me with my three little kids all with rakes in hand just working away.
My little baby cakes is really starting to take off. She has been taking a step or two for the past month but now she is really getting daring. It is so cut to see her stand up in the middle of the floor and smile because she is so happy with her self. My little man is really doing well. he loves school and church. Well most the time. He did his first primary program a couple of weeks ago. He said "My Heavenly Father and Jesus love me." I think he had more moral support than any other kid. Ryan's parent came and so did my Mom and Kev. Elise was in town so she came with her crew too. I can't believe I have a Sunbeam. WOW. The middle marvel is the spark in my life. She has the sweetest voice you have ever heard. I ask her questions just so I can hear it. She love to draw more than any kid I have ever met. She always has a pen and paper in hand. the funny thing is that it has to be a pen. Nothing else will do. So that is what is up with us.


Perschon Family said...

I had so much fun looking at all your pictures from the past few months. You have the cutest family!!! I'm glad you're doing good! We need to get together and catch up!

Greg and Wendy said...

You do have three beautiful kids! We love the fall, too! Definitely our favorite time of the year! We're looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

Heidi said...

It was fun to run into you the other day. Your kids are so cute (and I'm impressed you rake your leaves that often -- I tend to wait until they pile up a bit!). Maybe we can get together the 1st or 2nd week of December?