Thursday, June 24, 2010

All the things I want to remember
"want being the key word"

So are little baby had her nine month check up last week. She is healthy as can be and the happiest thing ever. If she is awake you will usually see a smile on her chubby little face.
Weight 18 pounds 14 oz / 60%. Height 28 1/2 inches/ 65%. Head was 95% .
She learned how to crawl about a month ago. She also can go from her back and stomach to sitting up. She has started to eat all foods. Her favorite is when he big sis decides to share her treats with her. Favorite thing to say is dada and always with a big smile. The only time I ever hear mama is when she is crying in her crib. She is in that clingy mommy stage but I don't mind. However, as soon as she realizes she cant see me the screaming starts. Happy baby though. Super easy going and so snugly. These are the words that describe her right now: chill, easy going, happy, strong, determined, fun, adorable, loving.
My little Row is so funny. She is cute as can be and such a hoot. She makes me laugh so many times a day. She is talking in full sentences and you can understand almost everything she says. She has been really affectionate lately which I have just been eating up. She hugs and kisses all of us about 100 times a day. She has gotten really into what is hers. She is no pushover that is for sure. She points her finger at you and gives anyone who makes her mad a stern talking to.( I have no idea where she gets that one) She is really blossoming and learning so much. the words I would use to describe her right now would be; fun, energetic, loving, fire cracker, smart, beautiful, independent .
My little man is such a great guy. He is really a smart caring little guy. He is doing really well with the girls and with his friends. He is loving church so much. He has the best SUNBEAM teacher. Is that not the perfect name for that age of little tikes. They really are just a burst of sunshine. He can be a punk-a-dilly sometimes but you never have to ask him to say sorry. He always will do it on his own, well most of the time. He doesn't like to do anything without his side kick Row. The 2 of them do everything together. I hope that next year the 3 kids will just be the best of friends like the 2 of them are. Favorite thing to say is WHY? That is a love hate sort of thing. I love that he is curious and hate that everything takes about 10 times as long. Words to describe him are; cool, hilarious, cute, sweet, changing.


Julie said...

Yeah, we want to remember a lot more than we get to, don't we?

Loved spending time with those cuties and with you last week (or was it longer than that? I can't keep track of time anymore).

Call and let's do something in July.

Nate, Jenny and Amelia said...

I love all your updates! Your kids are adorable and it looks like you guys are doing well! We should get to the zoo or sometime soon.

Greg and Wendy said...

So glad you're recording those things you want to remember because though you think you will, you won't! In just a matter of weeks so many important details of life become a good for you! Your kids are adorable and it is obvious you love them soooo much!

Lori Wilson said...

It's so good to catch up on your blog and your family. Can't believe how big they're getting already. It was fun to see you (if a bit briefly) at a couple of the weddings this summer. I'm looking forward to catching up with you at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Give those sweet babies and hug and say hi to Ry for me! Love ya!